That terrible vowel

I – whether in ToI-style lower case or in puritanical capital – am Tanmoy.

‘Wordly Ties – In the Beginning, There Was the Word’ was born after several miscarriages. No wonder then that there was great accompanying drama when it finally saw the light of the computer’s picture tube. Five themes were tried and abandoned in a day, anxious posts were placed in about three million social networking sites and curious visitors from seven countries came to check out the deal with the Genesis allusion in the tagline. I only hope it gets some non-Christian visitors too, because this is a very secular blog.

Business, cinema, people, places and other wordly themes are at the heart of this blog. Other subjects get the kidneys or the intestines, depending on availability.

If that suits you, you can write to me at or leave comments anywhere in the blog. What you write does not necessarily have to have a strict purpose as long as they are in my best interests.

May the Word be with you.

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