A Good Samaratan

Samara white wine 180 bucks in a green bottle, take a bow. Don’t hog the whole stage though, leave some room for this blog, since it is this blog that I have returned to under your influence, fighting off dearblankpleaseblank and textsfromlastnight, the two undisputed linchpins of the season.

Why, you ask, have I adopted you though, especially since I seem to have arrived in life – enough to start thinking disdainfully of the Borivali local and sticking only to the Andheri variety? You are cheap, you taste like cough syrup, and you do not even have a name that is difficult to pronounce. But you are in many ways like this blog – a convenient means to an unglamorous end. A bit like my early morning date with the commode whose seat could do with a repair job, but whose unflattering touch makes me feel all’s well with the world nonetheless. Nothing in comparison to how I felt on those profligate afternoons back from Alibaug and taking a dump in the Taj loo, but 15 stations closer and that much more instantly gratifying.



  1. Excellent post! haha loved how you said you were returning to this blog after drinking samara white wine. That’s hilarious! I can’t wait to try this for myself. Great how you attributed the wine to a blog. You are a great author.

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