Birth Buddies

Those who don’t know me, behold, and draw a mental picture of me.

Those who do know me, behold, and understand how much of me you never knew.

This is what has made me what I am. As I count down to my 27th birthday, it’s finally time to own up and show the world who I am all about. These are my birth-buddies. I am particularly thrilled by the first and third entries. Happy birthday buddies, let’s totally do this thing again!


Tallulah Belle Willis, 3rd daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Maitland Ward, born in Torrance, California, actress, Jessica-Bold and Beautiful

Karen Bradley, Miss Rhode Island USA 1996

Maria Itkina, U.S.S.R., sprinter, 9 world records

Charlie “Pretty Boy” Floyd, FBI Most Wanted criminal

Camille Bombois, French circus wrestler/painter

Joseph Gordon Coates, Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1925 – 1928

Charles VI, King of France, 1380-1422



  1. Hey,

    You write a review on ‘sita sings the blues’ in dearcinema a while back? Was reading up for this paper I had to write, stumbled on the review, thought it was remarkably well-written, and looked at the byline, and whaddyaknow. Good stuff (if that was indeed you, sounded kinda like your style.)

    1. Yep, that was me indeed. And whaddyaknow, I was reading that review just a minute before I got your comment 🙂

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