Derek in my inbox!!

People! Check this out! I had written to Derek after my post on him, and the man HIMSELF replied yesterday! I have Ctrl C’d Ctrl V’d the entire exchange below. The response is all of 11 words, contains a typo and at 6:20am has already made my day 🙂


Many thanks for yur mail.Much appreciated.Be happy.



On 5/6/09, <> wrote:

Dear Sir / Madam,

The following online enquiry was generated from your website. Here are the details:

Name: Tanmoy


Comments: Dear Derek (I am of course assuming that this will reach you!)

I am Tanmoy. The last time you quizzed me, I was a 10-year old smalltown kid in complete awe of you. I will not allow myself to get carried away here about how much you have inspired and influenced me, but suffice it to say that you have done so enough to make a (now) 26-year old research editor write this:

It’s been ages since I saw you in action on the quizzing stage, but I did see you on ETV Bangla just last week. It was that episode of Dada Na Didi in which you were upset about the long disclaimer on how difficult ‘that’ Asha Bhoshale song was. I wasn’t really following the programme. I was just treating myself to some ‘Derek moments’. And I became a fan of this new ‘grumpy’ master of the stage 🙂

I’d be very happy if you visited the link above and left a comment. Or sent me a one-line email for that matter. In any case, let me thank you for triggering the ‘inquisitive nerve’ in my system, without which life would have been a tad less interesting. This is a much-delayed thanksgiving, something that I should have undertaken many years back, but it has come at a time when I can fully appreciate what Derek O’ Brien symbolises for me.

Wishing you luck in your new avatars!


Tanmoy Goswami

Editor | Writer | Film Critic |


Derek O’Brien
Derek O’Brien and Associates
23 E,A P First Lane,Calcutta 700019
New York Address
375,Third Street,Brooklyn,11215



  1. OhmyGodDerekOBrienemailedyou!


    I shared the stage with him for a brief minute once when he used to conduct quizzes in Indian schools in Muscat; I answered an audience question, was called on set and won a hamper of prizes. My prize though, was getting his autograph after the show.

    Ah, I miss the BQC days.

    1. At least you recognise how momentous the reply really is! Compared to all those cynics who think it is automated 😦
      And I knew it was you, bard_darklady!

  2. Dear Derek,
    This is Ujjal Kanti Sarkar,a teacher of English literature and language by profession and a quizzard by choice.We have a Quiz club of our own and we call it ‘ANWESHA’ . As an integral part of Anwesha,I would like to keep in touch with you.I am sure you won’t mind extending your support towards Anwesha.details follows.Please respond.

    1. Dear Ujjal,

      Sorry for the late reply. This is not Derek, only a fan of his. Try writing to him through his website


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