Birth Pangs

Atlas in disguise

Atlas in disguise



  1. Tanmoy,

    I like that shot….

    One….the ‘scene’..the bridge…the city is one of those I am curious to visit…and the black and white frame…

    Worthy combination…



  2. Mollykins,

    Just tell me when, and I will take you there. One of the biggest regrets of my life, never living for long enough in Kolkata.


  3. Tanmoy,

    That is so cute of you!…smiling….no seriously, it is very kind of you to offer that…..and yes, I seem to have a natural affinity to Calcutta and everything related to Bengal…

    Don’t know where it originates from…but it is one of the places on my ‘to visit’ list….

    And yes, I like the older British name better….perhaps it is the love for Angrejji in me….smiling…

    I love the image of Howrah Bridge….for some inexplicable reason…that really beckons me….though I am not a fan of metallic structures….but somehow, this holds me…smiling…so yes, I loved that picture….

    And to sit there and watch the world go by….would be so very interesting…..

    Grinning…and I adore your name you ‘Toy mango’!…..



    1. Toymango will welcome you to the land of mangoes. I know, I know, we are better known for roshogolla and maachh, but there’s this place called Maldaa in North Bengal which produces some of the largest volumes and best mangoes in the country. There. You have your trivia for the day.

  4. Tanmoy,

    Me loooooooooveeeeeeeesssssssss them mangoes!…

    More than rashogollas….and maacch is out of my edible ‘zone’…



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